ECON280 Development Economics: Group Project


††††††††††† The first thing you need to do is find a partner.Then, select a low-income country and produce a report summarising key problems and suggesting and prioritising possible policies that might stimulate development. Your grade will be based upon the overall quality of the group project (written and oral components), but will also reflect your partnerís assessment of the quality of your individual contribution.

††††††††††† When you have formed your research team, the first key decision is to choose your country.In making this choice, it is, of course, crucial that there is sufficient information available about your country to enable your group to compile a good report.There are some countries in the world for which data are scarce and information hard to find - North Korea and Afghanistan are two such examples.


An excellent place to start is here -


††††††††††† In selecting topics for the individual sections of the report, you will follow the outline for the course.

      Measures of Income and Development



      Human Capital / Health and Education


      Finance – Micro and Macro

      Trade and Aid

      Specific policy recommendation

††††††††††† You will present your final project in class during the last week of the term.You may use Powerpoint or Prezi or any other medium – just be sure you can tell us the complete story about your country.

††††††††††† Within six days of the date of your presentation you will turn in your final paper.The paper should be about 20 pp. double-spaced using 12 pt. font.


††††††††††† Here is an example of a country report from the Worldbank.Your report should look similar to the Executive Summary.This is just an example – use it as such.