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Marc Stanley

From Latin America Group 3:
Climate Change, Water Scarcity, Interstate Conflict:
How have other countries exploited the water supply in South Asia?
How can the currently available water supply in South Asia be better managed so that conflicts do not arise?
Would countries such as the U.S. and others force upon a water supply management system or help these nations by transporting water to avoid war?
Youth Perspectives:
Does educating youth about SDGs inherently call for further spending on education?
Who are the stakeholders in youth employment? How does it benefit these stakeholders in the long-run?
Do the goals outlined in this paper call for outside intervention? In other words, are nations like Pakistan or Bangladesh currently able to meet these goals alone?

Ollie Pink

East Asia Pacific Group:

Question 1:
What link does America’s military aid to Pakistan have to sustainability? Is a common initiative of sustainability achievable with the current military conflict occurring today?

Question 2:
How much does unemployment correlate with the population pyramid in South Asia? Is the volatility in population pyramids a direct cause in significant unemployment rates?

Question 3:
Although water is important, is there a scarcity of other materials or resources within the region that could lead to conflict?

Question 4:
In the past, western intervention within the Middle East has caused resentment and many issues. How can SDG goals be achieved while also respecting a country’s sovereignty?

Question 5:
Keeping in mind that the private sector is “the largest employer of the youth”, how can South Asia ensure that the humanitarian SDG’s can be achieved and fight the on-going threat of child labor within the area?

Question 6:
How would one respond to those that question the rationale behind focusing on the Gen Z workforce (⅕ of the population) without factoring in time? Would youth labor policy remain consistent throughout future generations?

Carolyn Todd

Sub-Saharan Africa Group

Does it depend on our relations with that specific nation to do so? Any ideas on how you implement an effective strategy to manage shared water resources amongst different nations?

A lot of SDG’s are mentioned in the role of youth in sustainable development… which SDG do you find most important to improve in this region? I find it interesting that the article argues for the youth realizing its productive potential in order to help other SDG’s… Do you think this is the most efficient way to address them?

When a country has strong heritage and local knowledge that helps allow for greater sustainability, is it their responsibility to protect themselves from climate change?

We discussed in class how investment in female youth education/employment would benefit society as a whole. How can we fix this issue most affectively in South Asia.

In the role of youth in sustainable development article, it suggests implementing private-sector corporate social responsibility initiatives. Do you think that this is the best approach for youth success?

Is there a tension in South Asia at the moment that has stemmed from the water issue?

What is South Asia doing to help combat the water crisis politically?

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