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Andy Roberts

Seeing Caroline's post about the Keystone XL pipeline is also of keen interest me. Even though the Canadian tar sands (which would supply the oil for the pipeline) are an extremely energy intensive resource, what is of more interest to me would be analyzing economics of the massive water resource located below the pipeline. Growing up with the Ogallala aquifer beneath my feat in the Texas Panhandle, I would be very interested in discussing the cost/benefits aspects of this precious resource. Not only are large amounts of water being used for frac jobs throughout the Panhandle, but with agriculture and livestock being such mainstays of these economies I would certainly be interested in discussing ways of sustainably using this resource.

Sara Cook

For Thursday's class, I would like to discuss the oil and gas industry. In recent years domestic production of oil has drastically increased and the industry has come under great scrutiny. Fracking has been perceived in an especially negative perspective and the amount of carbon emissions have criticized. In Professor Kahn's class this fall we (in small groups) explored forms of 'clean energy', I looked into offshore wind power. I would love to hear your, as well as other students', thoughts on the future of oil and gas production in juxtaposition to the possible future of energy.


For Thursday... Like some other students have commented, I also like to talk about invasive species. I have talked in different classes regarding this topic but I would like to talk about it in an economic light. One of my favorite conversations about invasive species I have had is that regarding introducing all the birds of Shakespeare to the United States. That cracks me up. I know a lot about the biological side of topics like this but how it affects our economy is something I have not ever really thought about before this course. So I am excited to talk about this content and away from some of the modeling which is sometimes overwhelming.

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